Is a rental car company right to demand international driving licence for British non-resident drivers?


Is rental car company right to demand international driving licence for British drivers? We are non- residents, just here for a hire


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Yes, one of the many benefits of Brexit”

“I hired in Mallorca 3 weeks ago with no problems”

“As a result of Brexit it is something they ‘could’ or possibly ‘should’ require. This is within the Withdrawal Agreement as part of Brexit.”

“They can demand what they want. You can choose not to use them!”

“Legally, uk residents (when visiting the EU/Schengen countries) do not need an International Driving Permit (idp) to drive on public roads …But, individual car-hire companies can request one as part of their own rules.So be careful … and if they do ask for an IDP, maybe consider trying a different company that doesnt require an IDP.”

“Wiber do not require and IDP and they are great unlike Delpaso… we checked with them this morning as we have a hire booked in December ..good luck”

“If your still in the uk, an idp can be obtained from a uk post office for about £5 … & it must be used alongside your normal driving licence (& not instead of it). But there are 3 different IDP’s available & only one of them is acceptable in Spain … so make sure you get the right one.”

“UK licence in photo format remains valid for a holiday hire, however I hear some hire companies are insisting upon the IDP which is not necessary in Spain. However, the hire company can make their rules. Comply or go elsewhere.”

“Some are requesting one but waiving it if you buy their own Excess Cover/full insurance.”

“U don’t need an international driving licence if u have photocard licence – if u have the old paper type u do”

“We have used Goldcar and Firefly in the last few weeks – we always book through Holiday Autos or Zest and you choose the hire company etc. Neither car hire in Spain, as above, required IDP but we had one just in case.”

“For what it’s worth five pounds to get the licence must the simple way to resolve this issue and confusion at the hire desk. Five quid for piece of mind. Simple”

“NO… the IDP is not needed UNLESS you have the old paper licence …the rest are taking the P888”

“its really simple…always check what the terms and conditions of your intended company are ,, the law , as is often the case is irrelevant as they can lay down their own terms and conditions and you run the risk of trouble if you dont adhere to them. Personally I think Delpaso are one of the worst offenders for making a quick buck so we avoid them but its personal choice. I see Do you Spain are advising everyone to get and IDP which for £5 is probably a good idea, Delpaso will now only rent to someone who has arrived that day and is in possession of a valid flight number, so they are out for anyone living here. I hope the lady who was caught out managed to find a car and can enjoy her holiday”

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