Does anyone have any personal experience of Spain Golden Visa specifically in terms of adding on a parent rather than a child?


Does anyone have any personal experience of Spain Golden Visa? Specifically adding on a parent rather than a child? My mother is 67 and I want to try to add her onto my Golden Visa as it’ll be the easiest route in for her. She will be living with me.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Family reunification visa? You need to be resident in Spain for one year to apply.

“I think you have to prove she is dependent on you.”

“I’ve been looking at the same issue and with all information concerning the GV there is a lack of clarity as there has been, for obvious reasons, more info and testament concerning the NLV. My elderly parents (both in their 80s) and I have recently retired as publicans and have as such lived at the same address for 26 years. Are they dependent on me? Well if I suggest that I’d get a clip round the ear, but joking apart I’d could present the case that they have been and are but medically they are both sound. Failing that, I’d consider GV for myself and NLVs for them. We’ll see.”

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“A parent is not a core family member, so I think it unlikely that she could be added to a NLV. Usually, to bring over a parent one has to prove that the parent is financially or physically dependent on you, and it is usually very strictly looked at. That is the general rule, and I have not seen any intimation that the rules would be different for the Golden visa, but keep looking and who knows! If it’s not possible, you still have the NLV route, which of course, is nowhere near as flexible as the golden visa.”