Living and Working in Spain: Tips for Mixed EU and Non-EU Couples


We are a couple, me EU (Italian) and my girlfriend is not EU citizen (Brazilian). I got a job in Barcelona so for me no problem, I will have a house, move the residence, do NIE etc… but for her… Can she stay in Spain? What about visa, NIE, etc? Can I produce some documents to prove that she will live with me? Consider also the she would need to start working in Spain at some point.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You can make “pareja de hecho” it is like official bonding.”

“Pareja de hecho. Easy to do and will be good for both as she would be able to work and be with you without any problem. You can finish the Pareja de hecho anytime in case. So this is the best option!”

“Pareja de hecho is the quickest way, but It can Also take a while! (Several months). I did It as my partner is Also non-eu citizen. Get ready to prepare plenty of papers and …shitty bureaucracy”

“Common law agreement with your partner and you are good to both stay!”

“Pareja de hecho for sure.”

“Yes as mentioned before the “pareja de hecho” is probablly your best option. It’s like a weak civil wedding, the only major downside short term is you cannot do joint taxes.”

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