Could anyone suggest a shipping service for shipping personal belongings from USA to Spain and how much is the cost to ship?


Has anyone shipped personal belongings from USA to Spain? If so, what shipping service did you use and how costly is it to ship?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

SendMyBags is much less expensive than that. I sent seven large boxes for less than $1000.”

“I did some pricing for FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. and found that for small items up to a banker’s box that FedEx had the most reasonable rates. They were around $250 per box where the others were in the 1000s! We won’t have much to ship so I’m not sure if that helps for your situation.”

“Use a company like sendmybag

“I recently shipped an original oil painting with SendMyBags in a 30 inch square box and under 33lbs. The cost for shipping was around 150 dollars. They guide you through the process needed to clear customs. I had to give additional info for aduana once in transit but they were responsive and in touch the entire way. I received it within the week.”

“I used UPakWeShip. Pennsylvania to Malaga. 72” pallet and we had 16 boxes on there. Cost was around $1500-$1600 for the shipping. We added some insurance to it. Took 3 months to get here due to losing a month in Charleston due to lack of container space. It cleared customs in Rotterdam NL so we didn’t have to deal at all with Spanish customs.”

“You can get a 5% discount with SendMyBags using this referral link:

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