Could anyone suggest an agency that expedites the apostille for an FBI background check in the U.S.?


Anyone have experience (preferably good) with an agency which expedites the apostille for an FBI  background check in the U.S.? I guess I’d like to hear about BAD experiences as well.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I got my FBI background check back here in LA on July 9th, nearly a month after I sent it to State to be apostilled (I sent it June 12th from Erie, PA). I’m surprised at how fast they are now! You should be fine with sending your background check on your own without needing to go through an expediter.”

“I had to do everything from Spain and I used US Authentication. They were absolutely fantastic. Everything thing was perfect and quick, all handled on line. No issues at all.”

“I got mine in two weeks from”

“I found a place that is amazing. Extremely communicative, fast and reliable. They are a bit pricey as they are expedited Apostilles but you get your Apostille within 24 hours (for state) –”

“You’ve probably gone ahead by now but in case anyone in future is looking at this: Smaller and less expensive than many of the other options. Used them twice now for different moves. They’re super communicative, reliable, and they just got my FBI apostille back in exactly three weeks when other companies are currently quoting 5-8 weeks.”

“Spainguru’s article about FBI background check:

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