What’s the timeframe and the process for homologacion de titulo application in Spain?


I am a pediatrician with a US medical license trying to go through the process of “homologacion de titulo.” I submitted all my documents via the Spanish Embassy in Miami in late May 2020.  To date, I have not received any information, not even confirmation that my documents have been received or are being processed.  I am thinking of reapplying here in Spain. Meanwhile, I’ve heard the process takes 1.5- 2 years!! (Before Covid it was 6-9 months). Has anyone done this or know about the process or know of anyone who can help?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The homologaciones office are super delayed right now. Especially for doctors and nurses this process has always been longer than for other professions, before COVID it was already a process of about 2 years, so now probably is going to take a little longer. I’d recommend you, before you reapply, to look for an appointment at the Ministerio de Ciencia and check your file, this way you would know if they received your application.”

“I’ve had friends wait 1-3 years pre covid homologaciones. Good luck — it really is a long and tedious process. When you finally get it, let me know…I would love an English speaking pediatrician here!”

“They likely have your paperwork, and you’ll hear back when they make a decision. Re-submitting won’t change the process, and it isn’t faster within Spain.”

“It isn’t generally advisable that you resubmit. One way to try and push your homologation is through appeal, though we or any other professional who handles such appeals would want first to review the documents you submitted.”

“The nice man at the Miami Consulate told me it takes 6-9 months. I thought he suggested that I speak to the ministry of education for the details on what I need to do. It was possible he was speaking pre-Covid. It wasn’t really an atmosphere to start reeling off all the questions I had. That was the most info I could get. Sorry it wasn’t more helpful.”

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