Can I get a Spanish phone number from abroad to make a TIE appointment online?


I’m struggling to get a Spanish phone number before moving to Spain! I’ve tried signing up with Simyo and Pepephone. I’ve been asked for my current number to get a new number and it won’t accept my US number. I also tried Skype but it doesn’t have Spain listed as a country they offer a number with. I’m specifically needing a Spanish phone number now so I can make my TIE appointment online.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“If you have a dual sim phone, have you tried getting a sim from Vodafone or one of the other Spanish companies? You might also ask a local gestor to get your appointment for you.”

“We have Lobster, & it works great!”

“Hi. Don’t stress about it. I arrived in September and wasn’t able to get a TIE appointment till Dec 30. Some people even longer. They say 30 days but it’s unrealistic here. It’s a whole thing. But not your main worry. Once I was here I just walked into Vodafone and got a prepaid Sim card and number.”

“Planet numbers, you can even choose your area code then direct it to any number”

“In this case your best bet is to talk to a gestor or asesoria. They’ll be able to either register and/or send a SIM card, or help you set up your cita previa for the TIE at the appropriate time/place.”

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