Do you have any suggestions on where to look for a mobile/static home in Spain and any advice regarding the process to acquire it?


We already lived in Spain from 2013-2019 And we always wanted to retire in Spain but now decided to do it earlier, possibly in a couple of years time. We rented an apartment every year in the costa del sol so know the area well but are interested in mobile/static homes and will consider any areas with a good community we both still work but when we move I will hopefully keep my dog walking business and my husband works abroad so he can continue doing so looking for advice on banks, Residency paperwork, etc.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Camping nauta in tenerife, beautiful place to live and a few for sale at the moment”

“I bought a 3 bed 140m 2 bathroom flat with lift in Gandia for 39K (Euro) + Tax.”

“I bought a van on a beautiful site 4 years ago. 1 hour inland from Malala. Park La Vina, mollina. Club House, large pool and office staff who help with any paperwork required”


“I have a static van on a rural site. Ten minutes drive to the nearest town, only three vans absolutely love it. The views are fantastic. I’m not keen on big sites but I know friends who love that lifestyle. Just depends on what you want. Also buying a static is the easiest thing, no taxes, just a personal agreement between buyer and seller. Of course you have to have an agreement to rent the site from the landowner.”

“A beautiful site to stay is Maestrat Park in Sant Jordi near Vinaros. We are just 10km from the coast. There’s homes for sale at the moment. If you look at their website, I think they start from £30000 it’s a British run park with Tavarn on site and swimming pool and British shop. They’ve also got a FB page. We’ve been here for 15 months and love it… Happy hunting”

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