How can I get an appointment with the DGT to exchange an existing driver’s license for a Spanish one?


Can anyone give me a tip how to get an appointment with the DGT to exchange my existing driver’s license for a Spanish one. I checked – it is exchangeable, but there is no way to get a cita. Tried many times, and also called them – every time the same: no appointments at this time – try later. Tried also Girona and Tarragona offices – same story. Any tip what part of the day to look for a cita or any other idea how to get one.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Try 10 o’clock in the morning for barcelona office”

“That’s the trámite you want I just checked and gave me cita previa first try”

“They usually add free spots randomly, so keep on checking and you’ll get one.”

“I got an appointment to Castelló by myself, just trying several times. It’s more expensive (counting the train tickets) but faster than waiting for an appointment in Brcelona”

“I saw a trick on the other post said every 10mins they open slot, for example : 10:10:00, 10:20:000, 10:30:000 and so on. (Not 10:11:000,it is too late) .

Use your computer to use “auto fill” so you can proceed exactly at 10:0000.

I used this trick and I could make a cita.

Most important, you have to click “solicitar” at exactly :00,10,20,30,40,50 min.

I hope this help you. Good luck!”

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