Is it still required to open a Spanish bank account if someone wishes to purchase a property through cash?


Is a Spanish bank account required for purchase of real estate if that purchase is cash ?  

Second question would be if a self employed individual (Etsy seller) qualify for Non Lucrative Visa? Would that be the correct visa for them at all?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Payment for a property has to be by bank but you could use an account like Wise as you’ll get a better exchange rate.”

“You can’t pay cash. Maximum amount for cash sale is €1000 due to Spain’s tax fraud laws”

“You can use a transfer company. We used Wise and transferred money to our solicitors clients account as they asked for it. You will need an account to pay bills in Spain by direct debit. Apparently you can also do it through a Wise account.”

“By cash, I mean no mortgage would be needed for the purchase, and the usual check payment would be used. It’s an expression here, it doesn’t mean pay with the actual paper.”

“I bought mine through Lloyds. But the lawyer insisted I had a Spanish one for nie so got a n26 one . Never used it though”

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