Would you recommend opting for a dental add-on for medical insurance in Spain?


Hello! This is a question for those of you who have purchased Adeslas medical insurance in Spain as a requirement of your Visa. Would you recommend opting for the Dental add-on (quoted at €144/year)?

Based on your experience, is it worth it, considering the services included, limitations, co-payments, etc? I am aware this is a personal and subjective question, but this is what I am looking for, your experience and general insight.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Depending on where you are planning to relocate and how frequently you need dental services, your out of pocket may actually be less or about the same without insurance but I would opt-in at that price.”

“I didn’t. I’ve read that insurance doesn’t really help you all that much when it comes to dental, similar to what Joe said above.”

“I had it for a year but canceled it because most good dentists don’t take insurance. There are Adeslas dental clinics but I think they’re primarily good for cleaning, not major work. Dental care is also comparably inexpensive here. I just had an implant done for about 1200€ – all in – compared to about 5K in the US.”

“Hi, I have Adeslas for my visa. However, when I had to do tooth fillers and root canal, the medical insurance did not cover it. Just the check up. So I availed the dental separately. I highly suggest it though. It does not have permanencia so you can use it immediately.”

“We chose dental coverage too. We got it for both of us for €132/yr total. Not sure why the price is different. We work in insurance building health plans for a living. We thought this wasn’t a big expense for 4 cleanings but will see how the coverage compares once we move there.

I JUST had to get a root canal and crown here in AZ which cost me out of pocket $675. I’m curious what it would be in Spain as I’ll need another crown in the next year or two”

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