What are other options for someone who doesn’t have a TIE to re-enter Spain?


I was looking for a bit of advice for my mum who is an expat living in Spain. Unfortunately she was pickpocketed yesterday and her TIE was stolen. She is going to report it to the police tomorrow as was waiting for someone to help translate. Unfortunately she is meant to be traveling back to the UK on Thursday for a week for a family wedding. I know she needs her TIE to re-enter Spain.

However I don’t think she’ll be able to get an appointment to get the application for a replacement TIE started before Thursday. Is anyone aware of any workaround which would enable her to re-enter but not cause any issues further down the line? 


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“She will get a paper from the police that should be enough. AFAIK, we aren’t obliged by law to show our NIE. It just makes things easier. They may well stamp her passport, but that isn’t the end of the world.”

‘She can re-enter Spain using just her passport anyway. If she also shows immigration a copy of the denuncia reporting her TIE as stolen they may not stamp her passport as they’ll see she’s resident from that. Even if they do stamp her passport it’s meaningless because as a resident the 90/180 day rule doesn’t apply.”

“She can just use her passport – she doesn’t need a TIE to enter Spain. She may get her passport stamped on entry, but that isn’t an issue. She will need to make sure she has her COVID vax certificate with her though (with a booster if her 2nd jab was more than 270 days previously) because they may treat her like a tourist on entry.”

“She only needs the police report and passport.. her nie number must be on the report…”

“I would check with an Immigration Lawyer and obtain the Police Station Report. This way she knows which documents to carry. Her rental contract as well would be a wise idea and if married, a copy of her husband’s Residency Card and a copy of The Empadronamiento. This verifies where she is living ..”

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