Is it necessary to hire an attorney for the non lucrative Spain visa process and any recommendation for an attorney to use?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

We’re starting the non lucrative Spain visa process and I’d love to hear if you used an attorney. If so, was it worthwhile? Would you recommend using one? Any attorney recommendations?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You have to do all the document wrangling and go in person to the interview, so aside from someone answering questions along the way, I don’t see the value. We did it ourselves. The big thing I would advise is to start early collecting documents. It took longer than what I would have thought. My apostilled marriage license took about four months! Had to get a new marriage license and then send it for Apostille. Believe me, you will spend plenty of money on this process without spending more on an attorney.”

“No attorney, but we did consult with Settle Easy for our initial application, padrón, TIE, to alta our NIE, and our renewal submission. Highly recommended! Having an experienced person to guide you through the steps, make appointments, etc is incredibly helpful. We try to be fairly self sufficient but there are some things we just honestly wouldn’t know where to start on. Graham and Rissana at Settle Easy are wonderful.”

“We did not use an attorney in NY. Getting the documents together wasn’t that difficult to do. In fact, the most difficult thing was creating a backwards timeline from our date of travel to ensure that everything was collected before our consulate appointment but not expired. Just plan very carefully.”

“I paid over $1k to a Spanish law firm, and must say I didn’t get my money’s worth. I guess in some complex cases it is useful.”

“We used Sterna abogados and could not be happier. Sure, you gather the documents but they are there to make sure everything is in order and to answer questions. They even helped with the TIE application and appointments and health insurance. I highly recommend Sterna. Great team. Well worth the money.”