Is it required for the documents to be submitted for non lucrative Spain visa application to be translated or stamped?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

A question on the non lucrative Spain visa application from the UK to Alicante region. With regards to the financial means, medical, police and marriage certificates all of these need to be translated, and/or stamped?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Bank statements don’t. But the rest do need apostille and translation

“Sometimes they may ask for the bank statements to be translated too, so I would get those in English just in case”

“Your health insurance should be in spanish and english, no translation needed”

“Medical insurance needs to be a Spanish policy anyway but use an English agency to get one so you have help and assistance on hand once you have it. Avoid bank policies as they lack cover and bank staff are clueless about what they have sold you.”

“..Not just Apostilled and translated by a sworn translator, but they can also not be any older than 3 months when presented, so you might have to order new copies of marriage certificate etc. The info is all on the Consulate website, but if you’ve read that and still feel a bit daunted, I offer Coaching Services for NLVs. Feel free to PM me for a free first chat and a quote should you decide you want me to assist you with this.”

“Here’s Spainguru’s recommended translators:

In conclusion, concerning the non lucrative Spain visa application, the requirements for document translation and certification can vary. Generally, medical, police, and marriage certificates need to be both apostilled and translated by a sworn translator. Bank statements may not always require translation, but it’s recommended to have them in English as well, as some consulates may request it. Health insurance should ideally be in both Spanish and English, ensuring ease of understanding and communication. It’s essential to stay updated on the specific requirements of the consulate you are applying to, as they may have slight variations in their documentation requirements. For further assistance and guidance through the application process, some members suggest seeking coaching services from immigration experts familiar with non lucrative Spain visa applications.