Can you recommend a Spanish cell service provider that can be used to make an appointment to obtain TIE?


We’ve arrived in Spain and have our visas from the US but in order to get the NIE we need a Spanish cell phone number. We are only staying a year and are using our current cell phones so please let me know if there’s a way around this.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You can get a pay as you go phone for less than 30 euros at most phone stores. It will include a Spanish number and you can top it off if needed. No contract required.”

“DIGI is very good. Highly recommended! English speakers on the line.”

“Lobster Mobile Pay as You Go, and and a cheap handset.”

“Go into any Orange, Vodafone or Phone Warehouse shop and ask for a sim card (‘solo sim’). You can get one for 10 euros.”

“Depending on the province you need a Spanish number to receive a code to confirm the appointment. You can ask a friend to get the message. Try and find a local expert to help you get the TIE card, if you are not used to the Spanish system it will be difficult or you can wait months to get an appointment to find out something is missing.”

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