Which are the best companies for shipping furniture from Australia to Spain?


Looking at shipping furniture from Australia to Spain. Any companies recommendations??


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Grace removals”

“We sent from Adelaide when my dad though the contract which Ferrol’s shipyard had with Australia came to an end (luckily it has been extended and he is still there, currently in Perth) but can’t remember the company. DHL is a good one tho”

“Don’t bother!! Seriously.. not worth the drama..furniture cheap over here..and so much to choose from..if we had of bought our furniture over..no way it would have fit in the place we are living in”

“As you’ve been in spain for 5 years already , you will definitely be taxed . I know that if they’re antiques you could apply for tax exempt. You will need movers with experience shipping to Spain . My friend copped a €10 k tax bill because she was already in spain for more then a year”

“I used OSS and couldn’t fault them till it came to delivery in Spain. More to do with the subcontractor here. Many houses are sold here with furniture, given shipping prices at the moment and depending on how long you plan to stay here it might be more worthwhile to buy furniture here.”

“Michal Safrata OK! I’d still recommend OSS from the Australian side, we had problems for delivery as we live in a remote area with difficult access. Depending on where you live. Crown Relocations have also been highly recommended. I’ve also been looking at Wisse based in Barcelona for our relocation back to Australia. Might be good to have a Spanish based firm to give you a good idea of Spanish import issues. Good luck!”

“Chess Moving. They were very good.”

“I used Crown Relocations. They were recommended to me by several National transport companies. They were not the cheapest but they were fantastic. They advised on what paperwork they needed, cleared customs, it was a door to door service. They not only packed but unpacked, reassembled items and removed all boxes and packing materials. They are very good.”

“Footnote….Crown Relocations is an International company and doesn’t use subcontractors in Spain. I used them recently to pack/store/ redeliver and unpack while I had renovations done…great job and not one item damaged, same coming from Perth everything arrived with no damage or breakages.”

“Buy new furniture, cheaper”

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