Has anyone transfered from Portugal to Spain under the non lucrative Spain visa before?


My husband and I are living in Portugal and are temporary residents. We are thinking of transferring to Spain under the non lucrative Spain visa instead. Has anyone done this before!? Or anyone lived in both countries and have advice?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Already lived in Europe (lived in Germany and Italy). Portugal has much better tax package, and it’s difficult to work in Spain unless you go for the golden visa. If you do work, taxes are high. Spain has a wealth tax people don’t tend to like, but for the most part there are pretty decent allowances.
We have kids though and wanted them to improve their Spanish fluency. We also felt their University prospects were better coming out of schools in Spain.
Anyway, hopefully you find someone that has done both.”

“Not really much to know other than you’ll need to apply for the NLV just like everyone else, the only difference is that you can do it from Portugal instead of the US since you’re a resident there. My advice is make sure you understand the tax implications of moving to Spain; most consider Portugal to be much preferred when it comes to taxes.”

“So many people recommend Portugal. Why are you leaving?”

“I am curious about 20% Tax. I understood that filling in a NHR form exempts people from Portuguese taxes for 10 yrs (as long as it is income from abroad) and 20% from 8ncome earned in Portugal. Which is far less than what Portuguese people pay.

Social Security from US is not taxed either. Spain tax system seems more expensive for Americans. From what I have read

I have Spanish citizenship and we are moving to Portugal since they allow me to bring my adult children without a visa

Spain won’t give my kids citizenship. After 4 yrs of paperwork with the consulate, this was the best option.”

“When you say temporary residency what do you mean? Do you have a D7? Bc that is a 2 year visa. Either way you would need to apply from Portugal to the Spanish consulate and redo the whole process including background checks, get everything apostled and then translated. It depends how long you you’ve been in Portugal but Spain could require a Portugal criminal background too. BTW I have lived in both. What kind of advice are you seeking?”

“get your drivers license in Portugal first, then get your visa in Spain. Portugal is a housing disaster. Unless you need to work, in which case, Portugal is better option, work visa wise. The rest: weather, food, culture, is just preferences. I do think Portugal has better sandy beaches. So it all depends on what you want. Nationality? Portugal is easier and faster.”

“Make sure you get a driver’s license in Portugal so then you can just transfer it in Spain.”