What are the benefits of obtaining Spanish nationality?


I’ve been living in Spain for 14 years, married to a Spaniard for almost 11 years. I haven’t pursued getting Spanish nationality. I don’t know what benefits it would provide besides being able to vote in Spain. Am I missing something? What other reasons are there for obtaining Spanish nationality?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The main advantage is that you will not have to renew your residency card. Yes eventually if you move back you will loose it. Yes you can have both citizenship. I do have both.”

“I think one good reason would be wanting to become part of a country you love.”

“Please keep in mind that, if you are a U.S. citizen, Spain does not allow dual nationality with the U.S., so you will be asked to officially “renounce” your U.S. citizenship. That doesn’t mean you’ll lose your U.S. citizenship, but you could lose your Spanish citizenship if Spain discovers that you have both.”

“Being able to vote is key. This is not a cavalier benefit. I want to live in a place where I have the right to influence my society, not just for myself, but for my family and friends. People die fighting for democracy. When you have the possibility of voting and you don’t, in a way you’re disrespecting their struggles.”

“It is an European Citizenship. Period.”

“Means my kids will get a EU passport and can work and go to school in the EU. Means we can bounce back between Spain and other countries without having to go through very lengthy residency processes. Most importantly, means I can spent nearly 6 months in Spain at a time and avoid taxes.”

“I have heard that Spain does not accept dual citizenship, so they would want you to revoke your US citizenship.”

“Most countries don’t “accept” dual nationality. But you don’t have to revoke your US citizenship. I know people holding 3 passports, including Spain”

“Spain doesn’t have the right to take away US nationality as we are a country that isn’t based on Residency for taxes. So for example Tina Turner renounced her US Citizenship because of Taxes. Each case obviously is different but it is not an easy process to renounce your US Citizenship. There is a 20% exit tax on all worldwide assets. But my other point is that when you sign this paper receiving Spanish Citizenship you have lost the tax treaties between both countries so you run into possible double taxation because you “declared” you were Spanish. I am not an expert on this but I was born in Spain and I only keep permanent residency because of this. The Hacienda scares me”

“The joy of not having forms kicked back because you dont have a second last name”

“I’m in the same situation as you and have wondered the same thing. The only things I can come up with are being able to vote and going through the faster passport line when arriving in Europe!”

“I think choosing to become a citizen of any country should be something you commit to the country, I don’t thinks it’s a “whats in it for me””

“If you like to travel and/or plan to move to another country in the Schengen area, it would be easier.”

“Access to the Spanish public Healthcare system”

“It would give you the freedom to live and work anywhere in the EU. Not a bad thing to have.”

In conclusion, Spainguru’s Facebook group members meniton some of the benefits of obtaining Spanish nationality. The main benefits include avoiding the need to renew residency card, being part of a country you love, having the right to vote, European Citizenship, and easier travel and work in the EU. Other benefits mentioned include healthcare, having a EU passport for children, avoiding taxes, and not having forms kicked back. Some members mentioned drawbacks, such as the possibility of losing Spanish citizenship if Spain discovers you have dual nationality, having to renounce U.S. citizenship, possible double taxation, and the Hacienda (Spanish tax agency) being scary. Some members emphasized that choosing to become a citizen should be a commitment to the country.