Is US Social Security taxed in Spain as a retiree?


Is US Social Security taxed in Spain as a retiree?


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“Government pensions for government employees are not taxed. 401k distributions will be taxed. Social Security will be taxed. Interest on your money in the bank will be taxed. It includes interest on your money in foreign accounts, for example in the US”

“Social Security is taxed. Government pensions if you worked for the government and received a government pension is not taxed.”

“The tax treaty between the 2 governments separately addresses the taxation of government pensions from US governmental entities & US Social Security. The treaty says BOTH countries can tax US Social Security (subject to a credit in Spain for tax paid on that income in the US).”

In summary, based on the insights shared by members of the Spainguru Facebook group, US Social Security is taxable in Spain for retirees. While government pensions, specifically for government employees, are exempted from taxation, other incomes such as 401k distributions and bank interest (even from foreign accounts) are subjected to taxes. The tax treaty between Spain and the US further clarifies the dual-taxation stance on US Social Security, although a tax credit in Spain may be applicable for the amount paid in the US. It’s essential to be informed about these distinctions to ensure proper financial planning as a retiree in Spain.