How can I get an a Spanish consulate appointment at Los Angeles Consulate for a non lucrative Spain visa?

Question about Spanish consulate appointment

Was wondering if anyone was able to book a Spanish consulate appointment at the Los Angeles consulate online? It seems that the calendar is grayed out for months now.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“If you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to get an appointment at the LA consulate, I suggest you user this service, they’ll get an appointment for you

“The noon appointment release isn’t valid anymore. We found our appointment (and other available appointments) at really random times during the day. 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm, I even saw some come up around 5:30 pm one day. They only release one day at a time, so it’s chance that you are looking online when they become available. Good luck.”

“How to obtain an appointment at the Los Angeles Spanish Consulate.
This is the system we used to beat the appt stealing bots!
The trick is to have your fields auto load!
If you have to type in each field your not going to be fast enough to beat the bots.

  • So this is what we did.
  • First make a ‘Student Visa’ appt for any day. Times generally show up for student visas.
  • Then wait until the next day. Log back in using the same email and password you used to make that appt to look at your acct. Your appt will be there showing confirmed. There will be an X next to the confirmation. Click on the X to cancel. You should get an immediate response that the appt was canceled.
  • You’re now in the system!
  • By booking and canceling an appt this gave us an account.
  • Now on the day you’re ready to sign up for the non lucrative Spain visa appointment.
  • Pull up the website and be ready a few minutes before noon.
  • Click on of the visa which will take you to the screen no appt available.
  • There’s a small link in red located at the bottom right of that page. Click on that link and then you will be able to log into your account.
  • In the upper left corner of your acct page look for a back arrow and a link to schedule another appointment. Located in the upper left corner of the page. Click on that link.
  • You’ll be returned back to the visa selection page.
  • At 12:00 sharp hit the residency visa.
  • A screen will pop up with all the available times.
  • Select your time and hit the green confirm button.
  • You will get an immediate confirm on the screen for your appt.
  • Today we clicked on ‘resident visa’ at exactly 12:00 pm. We were both confirmed immediately.
  • Saturday and Sunday’s seem to have less competition.
  • Also, don’t forget about holidays the system is still working so try any and all days.”

“I tried every day about 6 times for about a month before getting one.”

Booking an appointment at the Los Angeles Spanish Consulate seems to be a challenge for many, as the online calendar appears consistently grayed out. Several Spainguru Facebook group members have shared strategies to navigate this challenge. While some suggest leveraging services that secure appointments for you, others have found success through consistent daily checks at various times, noting that appointments might be released at random times throughout the day. A noteworthy approach involves initially booking a ‘Student Visa’ appointment to get into the system, then subsequently canceling and trying for a non-lucrative Spain visa appointment.