Do I need to have blood tests and get vaccinated for the non lucrative Spain visa Medical Certificate?


I’m gathering the documents I need to apply for an non lucrative Spain visa. I have a question about the medical certificate. I’m in good health with no major issues. I provided my doctor a template from the LA consulate website. She said it won’t be an easy thing for her to sign and that I need to get a bunch of immunizations and blood tests first before she would sign anything.. and I don’t know if I need all of the things she mentioned I need for this visa.
Is this normal or should I see a different doctor? Is there a way to get an itemized list of vaccines needed so I can make sure I only get what I need and nothing extraneous?


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“I’m not sure but you can have a titer test to determine if you had previous immunizations.”

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“You can try a different doctor. I have applied twice for the non lucrative Spain visa. The first time the doctor made me do a bunch of blood work, a TB test, did research on the health code mentioned in the letter, etc. before he would sign it. The second time (different doctor) he listened to my heartbeat, checked my ears, and then we talked about Real Madrid football as he signed the letter. I recommend looking for a civil surgeon; the second doctor was one and I think maybe it made a difference because they’re more used to the idea of needing a medical for immigration purposes.”

“Definitely go with a different doctor. Before our doctor appt we called the doctor’s nurse. We emailed the LA Consulate’s medical letter. The doctor okayed before we made the appt.”

“Different doctor. Urgent care sometimes will do it by email”

“Our doctors just signed and stamped with no questions asked. After all they have all our medical information.”

“My doctor just signed it and used a medical stamp. So I don’t know why your doctor wants all those things so I would definitely go to another doctor.”

“Find another doctor. I don’t know anyone who had your kind of difficulty getting their double to sign off on that standard form”

“Different doctor. I am a US doctor and would never ask for all that to sign the form.”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the experience with obtaining a medical certificate for a non lucrative Spain visa can vary significantly depending on the doctor you consult. While some doctors may request a comprehensive set of immunizations and tests, others may simply sign the certificate without extensive requirements. If your current doctor is reluctant to provide the necessary certificate, it’s advisable to seek a different doctor, especially one who is familiar with immigration-related medical requirements. Changing healthcare providers can often lead to a smoother and more straightforward process for obtaining the required medical certificate.