What does “gananciales” or “en separación de bienes” mean?


We are starting the Spanish golden visa process and the attorney is questioning if our marriage is “en gananciales” o “separación de bienes”

Does anyone understand the US equivalents for this? Does it depend state by state, like if it’s a community property state?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I think it may just be asking if you own your assets jointly or as separate individuals.”

“Gananciales is when both your assets are joint. Separación de bienes means your assets gained before marriage will return to each one of you if you separate. Did my best to explain this in English even though it’s my language but I’m just not familiar with those terms in English.”

“Every attorney thinks something different is the way things have to be done and many are incorrect or misinformed. Just provide a current marriage certificate, Apostilled by the state, and translated. It’s that simple. And the main person should get their visa or residence permit as the spouse is the one proving the connection with the marriage certificate. We had to get an update marriage certificate. They don’t say anywhere you can’t use your original but it does need to be under 3 months according to the UGE-CE.”

“We had to show a copy of our marriage certificate which we obtained in San Francisco and a copy of our previous divorce decrees. This was for the NLV through the SF consulate.”