Can spouses work under the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?


I’m reading that once you get the DNV, and include your spouse, your spouse is permitted to work in Spain… Does that mean that if one spouse gets the DNV, both can legally work remotely for non-spanish companies while there on the visa?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Authorisation to work for family members, yes, but whether they would have the same options re choice for taxation as the main applicant, or whether this will be for remote work from Spain under the same DNV conditions, I’m not sure.”

“I’d be very surprised if your spouse could work locally while you’re on a DNV.
I had a meeting with a Spanish lawyer today and she said that the letter must say “work from Spain”, but I don’t think we’ll really know until more people apply and get rejected / approved, and after April when the consulates are able to accept applications.”

“I read somewhere that spouses/partners will be allowed to work. But everything is mere speculation I guess until the final requirements are out this March.”

“The UGE have confirmed in the Q&As on their website that there will be a work authorisation for any adult family members included in the DNV application.”