How can I correct the “Femenino” to “Masculino” sex mislabel on my TIE document before applying for Spanish citizenship?

Question about Spanish citizenship and TIE document

I did my Toma de Huellas for renewal in Henares in Madrid and when I left they immediately gave me the date to pick up my TIE (I didn’t have to schedule it for pickup, it’s already been set) for this week. Now I travel around and am currently in Sevilla but my residence is at my cousin’s in Móstoles.
I just re-checked the paper they gave me with the appt. and realized that the “M” for sex is for ‘Masculino’. When I filled out the original visa forms (and I double-checked) the options are H/M with an explanation of H=Hombre / M=Mujer. I also had a friend in Valencia who stayed for 8 months and she also had “M” I remember.
Now, looking at another female friend’s TIE as well, plus this document, I realize that the M is for masculine and my other female friends have “F” for ‘femenino’.
Yes, I realize that I should’ve checked the paper there but honestly just rushed out. Is this going to be an issue? I don’t feel like going back again in 40 days. I have my trip to return for this week for pickup and have to rush back for my cousin’s wedding. I won’t be staying in Madrid until this summer which is when I apply for Spanish citizenship in August… can it wait to be fixed until then? Or is it going to be a hassle? I have never lied or mis-selected any boxes on my end; it’s clearly their mess up.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I’d wait to see what the actual card says. My TIE uses M/F for sex but on the Ex17 it says H/M. I selected M on the form and my card says F. Is it possible that the resguardo reflects what was selected on the form?”

“My TIE has the wrong sex marked. I queried it with them on collection and they said not to worry. They said it was obvious from the photo that I’m a woman. It seems to be happening quite a bit. It makes you wonder why they don’t standardise on their terminology.”

“My TIE is missing our puerta A. I pointed it out to the extranjería when I picked up my card. I could have pushed to have it corrected but they said it’s no big deal. So far it hasn’t caused any problems. I don’t think you’ll have any problems either.”

“And if you want to get it corrected …

Based on the responses from Spainguru’s group members, it seems that mislabeling of sex on a TIE document may not necessarily cause significant issues, as long as the mistake is minor and can be easily identified through other means, such as the photo. However, if the mistake is causing concern, there are options for correcting it, such as visiting the extranjería or waiting until the next application.