Non lucrative Spain visa application: Can a resignation letter to HR suffice as proof of ending employment? (UK Consulates)


If you apply for a non lucrative Spain visa, I understand they need you p45. Would a letter from the HR department confirming your resignation and end date of employment suffice, as I have 3 months notice to give?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I had to supply P45. Would not accept anything else. That was Edinburgh a yr ago. Might have changed.”

“We sold and I finished up work 4 months before we moved here which was a gamble I just had to take. I knew the ACRO certificate a would be fine and my GP certificate was fine. I had the required funds so I couldn’t think of a reason why they would refuse me and they didn’t. Been here nearly a year and was so worth taking the gamble.”

“They will only accept the p45”

“I had to supply p45 to Edinburgh in May 2022”

“I’ve had to give up work now to be able to present my P45”

“We tried with covering letters from our HR but they would not accept this would only accept P45 this was in London, it delayed our visa process by not supplying P45 in the beginning”

“I went to London, had a letter from my HR department but that was not accepted, they want your P45”

“No. You need the P45 I’m afraid.”

“As soon as get a date booked for appointment, the company I work for will get my P45 for me so I have for the appointment”

“I did mine in London and they accepted an HR letter. I also provided a cover letter explaining why I could not provide a P45, and they were fine with it.
Maybe because I worked for a major financial institution they were more accepting if the letter than they would from a small company they had never heard of? I don’t know.”

“I didn’t need a P45 at London consulate. I had a translated left from HR confirming my last date of employment, which was after my appointment date. I was panicked prior to the appointment so I was so happy that I was accepted!”

“This is why we will be using savings for the first year and then pensions for subsequent renewals as we will be on terminal leave from military but still being paid until our last day.”

“What if you don’t work in the UK so no P45 ? Will a company HR letter suffice? you need a cessation notice from whereever you work or if not working a notice from the Tax department”

“What happens if you no longer work and are under retirement age? then a p60 or sign into/ contact HMRC and you should be able to print off to the effect on no work”

In summary, for those seeking a non lucrative Spain visa, the majority of Spainguru’s Facebook group members feedback suggests that the P45 document is crucial for the application process, particularly if applying through the Edinburgh or London consulate. While some applicants have tried to use a letter from their HR department, many found that it wasn’t accepted in place of the P45. However, there were isolated instances where such letters were accepted, potentially based on the reputation of the employer. It’s essential to ensure you have the appropriate documentation in advance to avoid delays or complications in the visa application process. If you don’t work in the UK, it’s recommended to present a cessation notice from your place of employment or confirmation from the Tax department.