What exactly is needed for a Spanish health insurance for non lucrative Spain visa besides no copay?


What exactly is needed for insurance for NLV besides no copay?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Full coverage. It has to cover everything no exemptions”

“Equivalent to Health service …. everything insurance companies will advise on their best product”

“Equal to public Spanish care. No co pay, no waiting periods and no limits. Although some of it actually depends on how strict the consulate is. Most brokers know which policies work. Sanitas, Adeslas, dkv, assa etc all have residency eligible no co pay options”

“Proof of medical insurance (travel insurance will not be accepted):from an insurance company recognized and authorized to operate in Spain (Verification register of authorized companies in MINECO: http://rrpp.dgsfp.mineco.es/ ). The insurance must include all the risks covered for Spanish nationals by the National Health System regulated in the Law 16/2003, of May 28, and for the whole intended period of stay in Spain. Medical insurance must not have any deferral period, copayment or coverage limit, that is, it must include 100% of medical, hospital and extra-hospital expenses. Spanish Companies such as Sanitas, Adeslas, Axa, etc offer unlimited coverage and 100% of the expenses. Exceptionally foreign companies offering limited coverage could be accepted, as long as they meet the other medical requirements and up to a maximum of 500,000.00 USD. it’s way easier to just get a Spanish health insurance policy than trying to get a foreign policy that complies

“Full cover, body, mind, teeth and eyes. No deficiency or co pay. Thats not to say no existing illness, so long as it is covered by insurance.
The aim is, you are not dependent or reliant on the state for anything at all”

“I’m 60 with no pre-existing conditions and received 6 quotes that ranged from 1182-1900 euros/yr. Sanitas was the most expensive. I’m planning on going with Adeslas which was right in the middle of the range.”

“You can get fully compliant non lucrative visa Spain Spanish health insurance on Spainguru (No copays, 0 waiting time, full coverage, etc). You have self service or you can use an agent. Get non binding quotes here for Adeslas (largest health insurance company in Spain): https://spainguru.es/health-insurance/

In summary, for those seeking the non lucrative Spain visa, acquiring the right health insurance is paramount. Beyond the absence of copays, it’s crucial to ensure that the policy offers full coverage without any exemptions. The insurance should be comparable to the public health service offered to Spanish nationals and should encapsulate all potential medical expenses, be it hospital or extra-hospital. While many insurance providers like Sanitas, Adeslas, and Axa offer compliant packages, prospective visa applicants are advised to confirm that their chosen policy meets the stringent requirements set by the Spanish authorities. For the best experience, it’s often more straightforward to opt for a policy from a recognized Spanish insurance company, ensuring that there are no unforeseen complications in the visa application process.