How can my Cuban wife get a stamp on her non lucrative Spain visa obtained in Canada to travel with me to Spain?


If I apply for a non lucrative Spain visa back in Canada, how does my Cuban wife get a stamp in her visa so we can travel to Spain?
Cubans need a visa even to visit Spain so it is not like she could travel with me to Spain and apply there as my family.
Would she have to go back to Cuba and get the stamp at the Spanish embassy there? Or could she go to any Spanish embassy and arrange to have the paperwork sent there.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Your wife would need to apply for a visa too. In Canada if she lives there with you. In Cuba if she’s there. if she has her residence in Canada then she can apply there. If she cannot do it from Canada, then she would need to apply in Cuba separately. If that’s not possible and you are legally married, you can reunify her after a year and a renewal for another two years. Here’s the official link for that process: Autorización de residencia temporal por reagrupación familiar (HI 12)

“I’m afraid she can’t apply in Canada as she needs to be a legal resident there. The non lucrative Spain visa requires two applications but the second person only needs to show 1/4 of the amount of funds the primary applicant needs. If she’s in Cuba can’t she get a Visa there? She has to apply from her local Spanish consulate because that is where she lives. Maybe she could apply for a student visa.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, to facilitate travel to Spain with your Cuban spouse while holding a non lucrative Spain visa obtained in Canada, your wife would typically need to apply for her own visa. If she resides in Canada with you, she may apply from there. However, if she cannot apply from Canada, she would need to do so from Cuba through her local Spanish consulate, as that is where she resides. Alternatively, exploring options like a student visa or other applicable visa categories may also be considered. It’s essential to adhere to the specific visa requirements and processes based on your wife’s current place of residence and circumstances.