What counts as ‘Proof of Residence’ when applying for a non lucrative Spain visa?


The NYC Spanish consulate says I must provide “Proof of residence” in Spain for my non lucrative Spain visa application. What constitutes proof for the NYC consulate? I am moving to Malaga & have friends there who say I can use their address in Torremolinos but how do I show “proof” of their address? I can’t find any guidance on what they will or won’t accept.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“A rental contract , copy of deeds of a property in your name”

“A rental contract, a deed and the is of the person you are renting from! That’s what Houston wanted”

“In San Francisco what they wanted was just a Spain address where I will be staying when I arrive. No contract or deed required.”

“If your friends are letting you use their address, you will need a letter from them saying they are letting you stay with them and if they own the house they will need to see La Nota simple or a rental contract.”

“Are you sure you’re not referring to proof that you live in the Consulate district? I haven’t seen anything on the New York City site that says I need proof of residency in Spain. Unless they changed it recently. Residency in Spain is what we’re applying for so I don’t know why they would want that. This is what is on the NY Consulate site under the English instructions: 9. Proof of residence in the consular district. That is proof that you live in the NYC Consular district. The Spanish version is more detailed: Prueba de la residencia en la demarcación consular. Copia de ID/Licencia de conducir. Solo para solicitantes no estadounidenses: prueba de estatus migratorio en EEUU: deberán aportar copia -no original- de Alien Registration Card o US Visa con I-20/IAP-66 (excepto B-1/B-2). So basically your drivers license that proves that you live in the NY district.”

“In order to apply for non lucrative Spain visa you must have a residence in Spain. Proof that you rented or bought a place there. They won’t accept a friend’s residence or a hotel. They expect either the rental agreement or proof of purchase. I’m about to go to Spain in June just for that very purpose. It’s an odd thing to ask for but they want to see that you are committed. While we are at it, just know that when you visit to get a place, they will count those days being in Spain, so if you want to avoid being a tax resident, you will have to add those days and might put you over the 183 days. It’s a puzzle, I call it an onion, each day peeling another layer, but Spain is worth it.”

“I’m not sure if things have changed since 2021. We got our non lucrative Spain visa from NYC. when we applied back then, we didn’t have to show proof of address. We put down the town we were moving to in Spain. we were also working with a real estate agent in Spain and found an apartment that we were considering on renting. He allowed us to use the address of that apartment on the application. (No contract)”

“New York was not difficult, and I was not asked for any proof of accommodation.”

“For nyc they just need an address pick one in your town”

“I was not asked for proof of accommodation, I got mine Friday. I put the address of the house we are buying, nothing was questioned. I put the address of a friend in the town we are moving to for communication. It was NYC consulate”

Based on the answers provided by Spainguru’s NLV Facebook group members, it seems that the requirements for “proof of residence” vary depending on the consulate and the circumstances of the applicant. Some members were not asked for any proof of accommodation, while others were required to provide a rental contract, a deed, or a letter from the owner of the property. It’s important to check with the specific consulate where you’ll be applying for your visa to ensure that you have all the necessary documents. While the process can seem complicated, it’s worth the effort to secure your visa and make your move to Spain.