Applying for a non lucrative Spain visa at NYC’s Spanish consulate

Thank you to everyone in this group! I learned so much helpful information from reading your posts. Now it’s my turn because I picked up my non lucrative Spain visa yesterday from the NYC Consulate and I am flying to Spain tonight (Jan 20 2023) to start my new life!

Here’s my timeline

  • 11/18 2022 – I returned to the US from three months in Spain and started the process of gathering all my paperwork.
  • 12/10 2022- Received my notarized background check after initially ordering the wrong one by mistake. Ordered the expedited apostille from New Jersey. This mistake was the biggest delay in my process.
  • 12/20 2022- Received the apostille and the translation. Have all other documents. Emailed the Consulate for an appointment. i was given January 4th since they are only handling emergencies during the week between Christmas and New Year’s (completely understandable!)
  • 1/4 2023 – appointment with the lovely and helpful staff at the NYC Consulate. For the financial documents I presented four months of stamped bank account statements and four months of notarized investment account statements. I also gave them a letter of intent in Spanish and a notarized statement that I would not work during the period of the visa.
  • 1/17 2023- Received call that my application was ready!!!!!!
  • 1/19 2023 – Picked up my non lucrative Spain visa!!!


Who does the background check? And the stamped bank statements, stamped by what and by whom? Thnx

There are two ways you can do the background check for NYC. If you have lived in the same state for the last five years, the easier and faster way is to do a state background check and have it apostilled by your state. If you have multiple residencies you should do an FBI background check which must have a federal apostille.

I went to my bank branch and asked them to print and notarize my bank statements. They told me they don’t notarize statements but they would stamp them with the bank stamp and sign the stamp. That was accepted at the NYC consulate with no problem.

Did you need to show a 12-month rental lease?

No. I actually have one and offered it but they said she said she didn’t need to see it.

Did they give you the option to receive your visa by mail or whether you’re required to pick it up in person?

They didn’t give me the option but I didn’t ask for it either. They also did not keep my passport.

Which background check? Was it the local or FBI version?

I did the NJ background check and the NJ apostille.

You said that you had stamped bank statements and notarized investment account statements. I did not think any of that had to be notarized or apostilled but noticed that the instructions in English now mention that. Isn’t the apostille only a requirement for a document issued by the government?

NJ only apostilles government documents so I had the bank stamp their statements and I notarized my investment statements.

Author: Beth Keane Little