How can I work as a family member with an EU citizen residency card that doesn’t mention work permission?


I received by 5 year residency card as family member of EU citizen! This is good news except I’m unsure about process to commence work, it doesn’t say anything on card about work permission (I’ve attached photo). I’ve asked around a bit but going nowhere fast. If anyone could tell me if there’s an extra step I need to do? (hoping you don’t tell me I can’t work!!).


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”The card is your work permit. You are fine”

”It doesn’t need to say you can work it’s part of article 50”

”You’re a resident no need for permission. Residency is permission itself”

”You’re ok to start working, the ID makes it easier as employers will want to see it”

”You are allowed to work, once your residency has been approved. Didn’t they send you a letter, before going for the “toma de huellas”? Mine said so”

”You’re set. You just have to request a social security number – all jobs will ask for it”

”No extra step needed. You are now a resident and can work without problems”

”I had a similar thought.  FYI- I have seen friends NLV or similar cards and it states ‘no trabajar”

”if you want to start work, get a social security number and then you can either get a job with a contract or as self-employed. If self-employed, go to a gestoria and discuss it with them”

”You’ll have to social security and apply for an SSN and enter the system to get into the public system (medical etc) then you’re set”

”Mine was done like this I took it back they said no need to change it wouldn’t make a difference”

”I have my TIE, just like the above. My wife told me the SSN is only for the healthcare system and can only be obtained once you start actually working in Europe. I work remotely, and at times in person, in the States, so I couldn’t present a contract of work to obtain an SSN, I think, as I haven’t contributed to the system as of yet. I could be wrong here. I’ll check with another gestor or lawyer regarding the time out of Spain. Thank you kindly”

”As a family member to an EU citizen, you are permitted to work from the day you set foot in Spain even before your residence card is made”

”You can request and obtain the SSN instantly online if you have a digital certificate”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, as a family member of an EU citizen with a 5-year residency card that doesn’t mention work permission, you are allowed to work without any extra steps. The card itself serves as your work permit, and obtaining a social security number is needed for employment purposes.