How can I change the fact that my TIE says “NO AUTORIZA A TRABAJAR” so that I can work 30 hours per week in Spain? (student visa Spain)


How can I change the fact that my TIE says NO AUTORIZA A TRABAJAR so that I can work 30 hours per week in Spain? I hold a Student visa Spain

The police officer and the school couldn’t give me answers except for the fact that sometimes the Spanish government just randomly rejects people for a quota. How can I change this? My background is in Hotels so I am hoping to secure a hotel job but now am not even sure what my working rights are?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”As far as I know, holders of the student visa spain studying in language schools don’t get work permission automatically. You can apply for it though”

”I suggest going to the Extranjeria on Calle Silva 19. They don’t have appointments on Friday mornings and there’s an absolute godsend of a worker from the office there, Marta, who helps people that queue up with their cases. I recommend getting there right when it opens so you don’t have to wait too long”

”Going to be honest with you, you’re going to make more teaching English classes in person than anything related to the tourism industry which is paid poorly”

”You have to apply. It’s not automatic in language schools”

”This happened to me too, even as many of my aux colleagues got their TIE at the same time as I got authorization to work. This is how Spain is- inconsistent and incompetent The new law took effect last September so we should all have received authorization. What’s worse is even as I renew, they simply carry the Non-Authorization over instead of reevaluating it. They really screwed us over”

”I’m convinced that it’s down to the person doing data entry on your application knowing the law. I’m also a student at a language school, I went to Pozuelo de Alarcón for my TIE and mine says autorizado. I have the feeling if the person doing the application either doesn’t know that the law changed or they see that you had a TIE before that said no autorizado, then they just put no autorizado. It should be automatic, regardless of whether you’re an aux or a student at a language school”

”Normal students ie. University or college etc get work permission as it’s part of the course. But language schools don’t. On the form, there’s a little box saying need to work as part of the course”

”I don’t think this has to do with whether you are doing a University degree or in a language school. I had a master’s degree at the University of Barcelona and also got a TIE that wasn’t authorized to work. I have no idea on what they decide, but according to what I have heard is that if you have a student visa, you should be able to work 20 h a week”

”Either they don’t know the law or don’t care. It depends on the funcionario. To be honest, the law change was intended to accommodate people studying in Spanish universities so they could do internships/practicums. They’re not gonna give work permission to each and every aux and language student automatically when Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the entire EU and there are millions of native Spaniards without jobs who (in their eyes) have first dibs on any job. That being said the inconsistency is confusing. I have a latina friend with a US passport and she was given work permission as an aux. My other aux friend was not given permission”

”So for those of you wondering what happened. I went to the Work office here and pretty much they told me that sometimes the government just rejects people and even though every other student in my language school has autorización, I do not. I also think it is a quota thing as I meet all the requirements. Essentially it is false advertising as you are bringing students here giving them the information that they will be able to work with no additional paperwork and then you end up not being able to. I will continue looking for work and simply show my visa with NIE number and not my TIE as I haven’t got it yet anyway”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, obtaining work authorization in Spain for language school students as a Student visa holders can be a complex and inconsistent process. While some students may apply for work permission, it is not automatically granted. In some cases, visiting the Extranjeria office and seeking specific assistance can be helpful. However, there seems to be a lack of transparency and consistency in the decision-making, leading to varying outcomes. As a result, language school students may need to explore alternative job opportunities.