Non Lucrative Spain Visa: When Does the One-Year Renewal Begin?

Question about Non Lucrative Spain Visa renewal

Does the one-year renewal have to be applied for from the first date of the original non lucrative Spain visa, or from the 1-year date you actually arrive in Spain? For example, if my visa is issued from 1 September but I don’t enter Spain until 1 November, does my 1 year start in?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Your year starts from the date on your non lucrative Spain visa”

”In my case, when I arrived in Spain is the start date of my TIE card”

”It’s from the expiry date of your TIE card. You can apply 60 days before expiry and up to 90 days after – although the latter is legally catered for the confusion is that you can be fined for a ‘late’ submission, although personally I have never heard of this. Given the Supreme Court dismissal of the no more than 6 months out of Spain rule, very recently, I doubt you will be subject to a sanction”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the one-year renewal period for a visa in Spain is typically based on the expiry date of your TIE card. You can apply for renewal 60 days before the TIE card’s expiration and up to 90 days after, though the earlier application is advisable to avoid possible fines. Rules and regulations may change, so it’s best to verify this information with authorities or seek legal advice if needed.