Can a self-employed Filipino husband on a non lucrative Spain visa bring his employed wife to work remotely in Spain?

Question about non lucrative Spain visa

My wife and I are both Filipino citizens. We are both in the Philippines. The husband is a self-employed/freelancer. The wife is employed but allowed to work remotely in Spain. If the husband goes to Spain on non lucrative Spain visa can the wife come with me and work in Spain?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Are you saying she is already here and working ? Your visa is totally different and won’t affect her if she is already here on a work visa”

”From my understanding, you can’t work on an NLV visa. If your wife is employed and has a salary it can affect your taxes. You are taxed in Spain on worldwide income from employment. That’s just my understanding of it. I suggest you consult a lawyer in Spain to clarify your situation”

”If she already on a work permit in Spain and you are on NLV that’s not affected your wife’s work permit but it looking complicated, better consult with any immigration lawyer”

”He’s not wanting to work his wife is, from what I can gather wife is already here, but I’m not sure all so vague and can only advise help so much”

”Neither you nor your wife can work on NLV. I suggest your wife applies for a Digital nomad visa or DNV (or teleworker visa) since you said her employer allows her to work remotely. Then you & your kids can be included in the application. DNV applications are now being accepted in Manila”

”You either apply for NLV on a joint basis for reasons of passive income covering the main and dependent applicant – which means neither of you is able to engage in any form of employment or regular work. As individual NLV applicants, it’s still the same restriction. However, nothing to stop you from applying for an NLV individually and your wife either a work visa or digital nomad visa (separately) but you would need to examine the applicable criteria for each of these as both are outside of my knowledge base to offer good advice but at least you can investigate as potential options”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru’s Facebook group members, the situation regarding whether the wife can work in Spain while the husband is on an non lucrative Spain visa appears to be complex and dependent on various factors. If the wife is already in Spain on a work visa, the husband’s NLV visa should not affect her ability to work. However, it is advised to seek legal counsel to understand the implications of their specific circumstances. It is also mentioned that NLV visa holders are not allowed to work in Spain, so alternative options like a Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) might be considered, especially if her employer allows her to work remotely. Ultimately, consulting an immigration lawyer in Spain can provide personalized guidance and clarity on the best course of action for both spouses.