How much does an X-Ray at a Spanish private hospital cost? (Healthcare in Spain)


Anyone paid for an x-ray at a private hospital out of pocket and have general ideas for the cost? Partner may need one on his lower back but doesn’t have private insurance, and we’ve never navigated the public system (Healthcare in Spain) so nervous about going that route/worried they’d take too long.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”It really depends where you go. Can range from 20-100€ for an x-ray”

”Ah, this is interesting, thanks for sharing! Have you used it before? I’m guessing you pay more than just the cost of the X-ray”

”Looks like they have social security but do not want the delays. I know public health GP will try to avoid referral and experiment with drugs first. Then getting an x-ray of where I am is 2 weeks and getting results 3 weeks”

”Mine was around 300.00 Hospital San Roque Gran Canaria, I don’t know how long it takes through the public health system, assuming you are covered”

”Buy six months of travellers’ health insurance from Swiss Care or somewhere. I paid a lil over €200”

”Go to one of the Diagnostic centres instead of the hospital. They will do it right there with no waiting and the cost is around 50€”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the cost of an X-ray at a private hospital in Spain can vary depending on the hospital and the type of X-ray. However, it is generally in the range of €20-100. If you are not covered by private insurance, you will need to pay for the X-ray out of pocket. If you are concerned about the delays in the public health system or healthcare in Spain, you can also try to get an X-ray at a diagnostic centre. These centres are usually faster and cheaper than hospitals, and they can often do the X-ray on the same day.