What Spanish shows have improved your language skills and captured your interest?

Question about Spanish shows

What Spanish shows aside from La Casa de Papel have you guys watched that have helped you learn Spanish better and at the same time got interested in the story?
Does listening to Spanish songs over and over help?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Queen of the South”

”There are lots of Spanish shows on YouTube that will help”

”Too many to mention. Start with español con Juan”

”La Reina del Sur(Spanish Version) is the bomb you will love it”

”Vivir Sin Permiso”

”The Time in Between. Good History lesson too But watch it in Spanish with English subtitles”

”I agree, it is a great series. ‘El Tiempo Entre Costuras”

”Listening to music is how I kept my Spanish proficiency even after 20 years of not speaking it often. You learn new vocabulary, connect with the culture, and singing along helps you practice your accent and fluency in speaking. The trick is to find a genre that you like. I genuinely love the music I’ve listened to so listening to it daily while cleaning, in the car, etc has been helpful. Just pick a song and Google the lyrics. Often there are sites where I’ve already translated the words”

”Our funniest was in the early ’90s in Mallorca… Ted Ray ‘ Bamanos, Acugar ” Une,Dos,Tres “

”Sesame Street”

”El Barco”

”Intermedio on La Sexta”

”There’s a goofy SF show called El Vecino that we enjoyed”

”Netflix: Mario Casas’ series: El Inocente, The Invisible Guest, The Occupant Maria Pedraza’s: Toy Boy, Elite (S1-3 only) Muted Songs to listen to: Kevin & Karla on YouTube Learning Spanish on Youtube- Spanish with Paul Or Duolingo app”

”Southern queen”

”Criminal Spain, Valeria, Alpha Males, La última línea”

”Brigada del Sol, filmed in Torremolinos”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, popular Spanish shows shows like “Queen of the South,” “La Reina del Sur,” “Vivir Sin Permiso,” and “El Barco” were recommended for their engaging narratives. YouTube channels such as “Español con Juan” and shows like “Intermedio on La Sexta” were noted as helpful language resources. The power of music in language acquisition was emphasized, with individuals affirming that listening to Spanish songs not only aids vocabulary expansion but also provides a cultural connection. Personal preferences for music genres were encouraged, making the learning experience enjoyable. Ultimately, the consensus among participants was that combining entertainment with language practice is an effective way to enhance Spanish proficiency.