Do I need a direct flight to Spain for a passport stamp for my Spanish TIE?

Question about the Spanish TIE

Must I fly directly into Spain to get a Spain stamp on my passport for the Spanish TIE appointment, or is flying through another Schengen country as a layover ok? What is the Declaración de Entrada?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You don’t have to fly direct. They’ll look at the stamp from when you entered the Schengen zone. Just keep your boarding pass and take it with you to your Spanish TIEappointment just in case they ask for more proof of how you entered”

”Absolutely not. If they are coming here to process any kind of visa, they have to have proof that they entered Spain and that the date it was stamped at the Spanish airport is important. Why do I know this? Because I did this by having a stamp from another Schengen country and got into trouble, I had to hire an immigration lawyer. I had to do the Declaración de Entrada route which was awful because it was hard talking to the police about it. You have to explain yourself. In Spanish”

”Mine was for a highly qualified worker visa. I also presented my boarding pass at first but was not accepted. So imagine the mess of going out of Spain and going back to do the Declaración. I consulted 3 lawyers and indeed sometimes you can get away with just boarding passes but all suggested the safest way is to have a stamp on your passport by Spain. The authorities cannot question you. And take note, we also don’t know if the author is from a country that needs a visa to enter the Schengen or does not need it because that is another story”

”You can also just go to a local police station upon your arrival and get a new stamp there as well”

”You can enter through any Schengen country, but take the “declaration de entrada” in police in an airport”

”Boarding passes are also valid proof of entry into Spain. For most people, this is the easiest option”

”It depends on what Visa/Residency you have or will apply for.
Digital Nomad will only accept Spanish stamps or Certificates of Entry when entering by road. For NL any Schengen stamp is okay”

”San Francisco Consulate-NLV: When my visa was approved I received an email from the consulate telling me I could enter any “Europe/Schengen States” I will also keep my boarding pass just in case”

”Direct flight to Spain will be easiest. You will have the stamp on your passport to prove entry. If you connect in another Schengen country first, you’ll have to take further measures to prove your entry into Spain. That’s a hassle best avoided if possible”

”No. Keep your boarding passes. That’s your proof of the final destination (Spain)”

”Recent experience, if you are in Barcelona, go to passing sant joan 189 within 72hr to do Declaración de Entrada by showing your boarding pass and they will give you a certificate if you have entered from Schengen zone”

”If possible, better, fly to Spain directly to avoid any useless problems”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the safest way to get a Spanish stamp for your Spanish TIE appointment is to fly directly to Spain. If you cannot do that, you can enter through any Schengen country and take a “Declaración de Entrada” at a police station within 72 hours of arrival. However, it is best to check with the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country to see what the specific requirements are for your visa type