Self-employed Digital Nomad Visa Spain income proof advice. Spain taxation, and UK visits in the first year

Question about Digital Nomad Visa Spain

I’m self-employed and seeking details on income proof for the Digital Nomad Visa Spain, taxation in Spain for non-Ltd companies, and how often I can return to the UK in the first year; where can I get precise advice?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You must have a contract with a 3rd party business. If your partnership is some type of registered business that could work. You would have to show 3 months of invoicing and payment from you to that company. The contract is the most important part of the application. As a UK company it will not have to register for tax or social security in Spain. When the DN is approved you, as a person, can then join Spanish social security. If you would like a detailed consultation, please let me know”

”Following too. My understanding is – keep your UK company (I am) and it WON’T be double-taxed with Spain. You will be due corporation tax in the UK each year, need to file accounts, etc. But you’re only taxed income in Spain (Salary, Dividends, etc.) that you withdraw from your company. It’s not clear at all on taxes for self-employed, but at least you should pay company tax in UK if your business remains there, and income tax in Spain (whatever that rate ends up being)”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, when seeking to provide income proof for the Digital Nomad Visa Spain as a self-employed individual or non-Ltd company, it is essential to have a contract with a third-party business. You should be able to present three months of invoicing and payment transactions. UK companies do not need to register for tax or social security in Spain. If your company is based in the UK, you will owe corporation tax there but will only be taxed in Spain on the income you withdraw (e.g., salary, dividends). Partnerships and non-Ltd structures may have different requirements. It’s crucial to consult with tax experts for detailed advice specific to your situation.