What is the minimum joint income required for a Spain digital nomad visa for a couple?

Question about the Spain digital nomad visa

What is the minimum income my wife and I jointly need to make to qualify us for the Spain digital nomad visa? There are conflicting numbers of various websites. Curious if anyone tracked down the answer.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Yes, 3465€/month for 2”

”The answer is that most Consulates work with the monthly minimum wage times 12, and the UGE times 14”

”For a couple it’s 2,75 times SMI, set at 1080€/month in 2023

“1080x2x14 for you and 1080x0.75x14 for your partner annually”

”€2.520 (you) + €945 (covers the dependent) = €3.465 / month
The thing is there is no official way to combine two incomes. Either one of you has sufficient income to cover both of you, in which case the application will be primary + dependent, or, each of you make enough to cover only one person (not both), in which case you apply independently of each other”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, to qualify for the Spain digital nomad visa for a couple, the required income is around €3,465 per month. This breaks down as €2,520 for the primary applicant and €945 for the dependent. However, combining two incomes isn’t officially recognized. One individual needs to have sufficient income for both or each person should earn enough for themselves and apply independently.