What documents are required for Spain Digital nomad visa applications?


What documents are required for Spain Digital nomad visa applications?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

These were the docs I submitted when I applied from within Spain last month:
(click: Documentación que se debe aportar). Although it’s not specifically indicated in the requirements, I also provided invoices and bank statements. If you have dependents, you’ll also need to submit a marriage certificate for your spouse and birth certificates for kids”

“Check out the Spain Digital Nomad Visa Checklist Template – Spainguru.es

“Here’s another checklist for the Spain digital nomad visa application:

Copy of complete passport or current travel documentMust be updated and include all pages
Proof of fee payment (mod. 790 038)Attach proof of payment if not reflected on form 790 itself
Application FormSigned by Applicant (MIT Form)
Bank certificateCovering three months prior to application, showing income from employment/professional contract
Accreditation of foreign company’s activityContinuous activity for at least one year; official registration certificate required; sworn translation if not in Spanish
Letter from foreign companyMust authorize work from Spain, detailing position profile, main functions, remote work capability, salary in euros, and other conditions
Copy of degree or experience certificateRelated to the position; minimum three years experience if no degree; sworn translation if not in Spanish
Curriculum vitaeTranslated if necessary by simple translation
Social Security DocumentationPledge to sign up as an autonomo
Public or private health insuranceSpecific requirements; not needed if joining Social Security in Spain post-authorization
Criminal record certificateFrom countries of residence in the last two years; legalized/apostilled, translated by sworn interpreter
Responsible declarationReporting no criminal record in countries where applicant resided in the last 5 years


In conclusion, insights from Spainguru Facebook group members highlight the importance of adhering to the official Spanish government guidelines for telecommuter visas. Alongside the standard required documents, applicants should be prepared to submit additional financial records like invoices and bank statements.

For those with families, including marriage and birth certificates for dependents is advisable. Given potential variations in translations, it’s beneficial to cross-check requirements in both English and the original language for a comprehensive understanding of the application process.