Could someone share their steps for getting a tie after Spain non lucrative visa approval?


Is anyone willing to share their process and steps for getting their tie after Spain non lucrative visa was approved?


‘These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”It was fairly easy and fast, i just passed all the documents and we were done in 15 mins. They just took my fingerprints”

”It took me 6 months and many hours on the computer to get an appointment. For this you go to Policía Nacional. I brought pictures of my countless attempts. The time on your visa says to exchange is 3 months. This was 2020. It took me less time in 2021. Just fill out your application, get your padrón and pay your fee at a bank. You won’t be able to pay at the police department. The wait time is about a month, you won’t receive notification that your Card is ready. So, if not ready when told, come back in a week or so. Always look at the government website for mandatory documents to provide”

”At Almeria you hand your forms in and your photos, they check them , take your payment, take your fingerprints then they give you a receipt that tells you what day and time to go collect your cards”

”My gestor arranged everything. I got my padron on the Friday from my local town hall then he made me an appointment at the local.police Station for the following Tuesday fir fingerprints etc, picked up my card a month later. Simplest process of the whole NLV application”

”If you can get an appointment that is the hardest part. We had 6 people so that was hard! Each place releases appointments on certain days. Someone in your area should know. After that if just getting your paperwork together and paying your fee at a bank or ATM. We had to get our padron before but some don’t ask for it. We were in and out of our appointment in 25min with 6 people. Ours gave us an instagram account to follow that showed which lot of cards were ready each day. It took about 2 weeks to get our cards. You just go up without an appointment and pick them up.I will say we didn’t know any Spanish and were able to do it without a gestor but was a little more time consuming translating everything. Everyone was nice and patient”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the TIE acquisition process after NLV approval varied in duration and complexity. Some found it quick, taking 15 minutes, while others faced longer waits, up to 6 months for appointments. Key steps included document submission, fingerprinting, fee payment at a bank, obtaining a padrón, and attending Policía Nacional appointments.

Tips included using a gestor or local insights, tracking appointment availability, and following government websites for requirements. Despite language barriers, individuals navigated it patiently and found officials accommodating. Overall, having the right documents and assistance smoothed the process for many.

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