Can credit cards be used to meet Spain non lucrative visa money requirements?


Can you use Credit cards to qualify for the Spain non lucrative visa money requirements


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”This is why postings by anonymous should be banned…. it’s just constant BS”

”You can not”

”You can’t even have a mortgage”

”Pretty sure that’s no”

”I read that you can. Can’t remember where, and thought it a bit weird at the time. Talk to a lawyer”

”No, because it’s a debt and the point of savings is to support yourself”

”No but you can submit your lottery tickets”

”Lot of people on here THINK they are immigration lawyers. You need get facts right before commenting because most of these answers are WRONG. Thank you Mandi Lumby that was what I was looking for”

“I actually used credit cards for my renewal because the ministry’s website says I could. The initial application, I’m not sure because consulates do whatever they want so I used savings. Source:
Check out the, “documentación exigible” section which says, “credit cards accompanied by a bank certification that certifies the amount available as credit on the card”. Keep in mind that this was for a renewal, but I simply printed my last 3 statements for 2 of my credit cards, and attached that. Renewed for another 2 years. I renewed in Madrid. Credit cards with US banks. Specifically Chase and Capital One.”

”Yes, you can use the amount for NLV. There you go, you heard what you wanted”

”Please don’t. Use your savings, and passive income”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, there is a mix of opinions. While a majority express skepticism, citing concerns about debt and the essence of savings, a few members provide anecdotal evidence of successful use, particularly for renewals.

This divergence in views underscores the necessity of consulting legal experts and considering the official guidelines. It also highlights the general preference for using savings or passive income over credit to meet these requirements.