Does renting a property in Spain on a Non Lucrative Visa impact visa renewal?


Can renting a property in Spain on a Non Lucrative Visa through a legal management company affect visa renewal if the rental income is considered passive?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Im sure you dont need to use a management agency; i believe you only need to do that if more than 2.. i’m sure i saw this on here”

”Yes, it is passive”

”You would need to look into it properly. I think you would need to have someone manage it or it’s classes as working. But do check”

”Rentals are and always have been considered passive”

”My rental income was actually used as part of my non lucrative visa justification. I’ve been renting out my property for about a decade by myself (no management company)”

”It’s yet another urban myth that you need to use an agent. The term work in respect of NLV relates to regular activity and effort. As letting out a property requires minimal and very occasional input (passive) then this sits outside of the relevant definition. If you ran a portfolio of properties that could be determined as regular work but not for one or two. Rental income can be used for your IPREM purposes”


In conclusion, According to Spainguru Facebook group members, using a legal management company for renting a property on a non lucrative visa might not be necessary, especially if the rental income is considered passive.

Some members believe that rental income is generally viewed as a passive activity and may even be used as part of the justification for the Non-Lucrative Visa.

However, it is advisable to thoroughly research and confirm the specific visa requirements and regulations, as interpretations can vary, and individual circumstances may impact the renewal process.