Has anyone achieved Spanish citizenship via the 2-year fast track after obtaining residency with a US passport?


Iberoamerican 2 year fast track to Spanish citizenship question: has anyone applied for residency with their American passport? And then apply for citizenship with their ibero American passport? My family entered with their US passport on the Spanish Non lucrative visa and we just spoke to a lawyer who said we will not be able to get citizenship even though we also hold Guatemalan and Dominican passports.

Wondering if anyone has successfully gained citizenship after entering with US passport for residency and then applying for 2 year fast track with iberoamerican passport? thanks in advance for your answers.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”I entered on my Colombian but I know for a fact that it doesn’t matter. You’ll just have to provide all scanned pages of both passports. Look at the nationality application. It even asks which nationality you applied for residency with vs which one you’re submitting that excludes you from the DELE (hispanoamericans aren’t required to take this either). Many people have done this but many lawyers out there that are incompetent. That’s why I submitted the application myself back in September just waiting for results now”

”You can do this. They sometimes ask a certificado concordancia but technically that’s not even required anymore. So you can apply as usual”

”My friend was also told this by a large “reputable” law firm. I sent him to another attorney and he is awaiting his citizenship. It’s unfortunate there are still attorneys that are giving this bad advice”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, despite legal advice to the contrary, individuals in a Facebook group have successfully obtained Iberoamerican citizenship through the 2-year fast track process after initially applying for residency with their American passport.

Members shared experiences, emphasizing the significance of providing scanned pages of both passports. Some mentioned that lawyers may offer conflicting advice, leading them to submit the application themselves.

The certificado concordancia may not be strictly required anymore. Despite initial skepticism, individuals have achieved positive outcomes, highlighting the importance of thorough documentation and understanding application requirements.