Non lucrative Spain visa application at NYC’s Spanish consulate (February 2024)

non lucrative spain visa

The allure of living in Spain draws many to explore the non lucrative Spain visa, an option for those who wish to reside in Spain without engaging in professional activities. In 2024, applying for this visa at the Spanish consulate in New York City is a process that, while straightforward on paper, often requires more than meets the eye.

The Official Non lucrative Spain visa Checklist online

When planning to apply for a non lucrative Spain visa through the Spanish consulate in New York City, prospective applicants can find a detailed list of official requirements online. The consulate’s website outlines essential documents, such as application forms, proof of financial means, health insurance coverage, and police background checks. However, it’s important to note that this online checklist may not encompass all the documentation that could be requested during the actual visa application process.

For example, while the official requirements might not explicitly mention it, applicants have reported being asked for their tax returns for the last three years and proof of retirement status during their consulate visit.

This discrepancy underscores the importance of reviewing the most current and comprehensive list of requirements on the consulate’s official website and being prepared to provide additional documentation beyond what is initially listed: Spanish Consulate in New York – Non-Lucrative Visa.

The list of requirements handed personally at the NYC Spanish consulate

The consulate provides a list of requirements for US and non-US citizens which includes:

  1. Valid, unexpired passport. The original and a photocopy of the page or pages of the passport that contain biometric data must be submitted. The passport must have a minimum validity period of 1 year and contain two blank pages. Passports issued more than 10 years ago will not be accepted.  When apllicable: Copies of Alien Residence Card or a residence visa valid in the USA.
  2. Completed forms EX01 and Modelo 790 Código 052, with an address in Spain.
  3. Proof of comprehensive health insurance authorized to operate in Spain.
  4. Evidence of sufficient financial means to support living expenses without working.
  5. A medical certificate confirming good health and no contagious diseases as per WHO regulations.
  6. A Police Record Certificate with an “Apostille of the Hague Convention” for those over 18 years old.
  7. A non-refundable fee paid via a money order from USPS.
  8. A letter from your employer’s HR department confirming the termination of your employment.
  9. A notarized sworn statement in Spanish declaring no intention to work in Spain.
  10. Tax returns for the last three years with a translation by a sworn translator.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to personally visit the Spanish consulate in New York City to obtain the most current list of requirements, as there may be discrepancies or additional documents not listed online.

Non lucrative Spain visa application First-hand experiences beginning of 2024

Experience One:

A couple applied for their non-lucrative visa in New York on January 2nd. Despite a comprehensive initial submission, they were later asked to provide additional documents—notably, three years’ worth of tax returns and proof of retirement, which weren’t listed in the official requirements. After promptly supplying these documents, the consulate quickly resolved their application, issuing the visa the following day. The total processing time was approximately two to three weeks. They highlighted the importance of securing an online appointment and bringing all necessary documents in one go to avoid a second appointment, which could be months away. It’s worth noting that the consulate returned the passport after document submission, without holding onto it.

Experience Two:

An individual faced a long wait time for an appointment, with their request in mid-November leading to a scheduled date of January 22nd the following year. Upon presenting their documents, they were asked for additional paperwork, which they submitted a week later. Although their application status changed to ‘resolved,’ they received no direct communication from the consulate and planned to follow up. This experience suggests a possibility of a quicker turnaround time, as others have reported approvals within three weeks.

Experience Three:

Applicants had their lawyers arrange an early January appointment. On the designated day, all paperwork was presented, with a follow-up submission of additional documents the subsequent Monday. Within two weeks, they received notification that their application was ready. This account also notes the consulate’s policy of not retaining passports, requiring applicants to return with their passports to receive the visa. This process underscores the value of legal assistance in expediting the application process and the importance of monitoring the application’s progress.

Experience four:

“It took me 6 weeks to get an appointment in NYC.”

Tips for Smooth Processing

  1. Book Appointments Early: The earliest appointment may be months away, so plan ahead.
  2. Complete Documentation: Bring all documents to the first appointment to avoid further delays.
  3. Monitor Your Application: Regularly check the visa processing site for updates.
  4. Be Over-Prepared: Have documents like tax returns and proof of retirement status at hand, even if not listed.
  5. Prepare for Additional Fees: Be ready to pay for translations and other unforeseen expenses.
  6. Stay Proactive: If there’s a status change and you haven’t been contacted, reach out to the consulate.

The non-lucrative visa application process in New York City can take anywhere from two to three weeks if all documents are in order, but experiences vary. The Spanish consulate’s requirements are a starting point, but additional documents can be requested. Being proactive, prepared, and patient seems to be the best approach when navigating this process in 2024.