Does Spain’s convenio especial cover HIV meds for expats, or do they have to pay in full, even after years and gaining permanent residency? (Non lucrative visa Spain)


Does the convenio especial in Spain cover the cost of HIV medications, or would expats still need to bear the full expense, even after being on the convenio especial for several years and becoming permanent residents?

In the event that we could somehow manage the cost of prescriptions for the five years we are on the Non lucrative visa Spain (difficult but not inconceivable), once we become permanent residents would we still have to pay for the convenio especial? And if so, would we then receive the “prestación farmaceutica”, or would we be paying full price for ever?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

‘’You need to ask how your going to pass your medical to get your Non lucrative visa Spain first before worrying about your Meds’’

“HIV is zero problem to obtain the medical certificate for the Non lucrative visa Spain. HIV is not an issue for the medical. In fact HIV is not a barrier to getting private insurance either.”

‘’There is an agreement between the US and Spain that allows you to access ART in Spain. You obviously still need your private health insurance for approval of the NLV approval’’

‘’It was my understanding that medicines dispensed in a hospital like ART, are covered by the convenio especial. I asked a local organization how much ART costs and although I did not get a very clear answer, they acted like the question was silly. No one pays out of pocket for this medication it seems. I too would like to know for sure.’’

‘’A number of folks have told me that NGOs in various Comunidades Autónomas have provided assurances that it’s possible to get meds covered. That’s great news, but I still need greater clarity on what exactly are the legal/organizational mechanisms’’


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the coverage of HIV medications under Spain’s convenio especial for expats is a complex matter. While some suggest that hospital-dispensed medicines like antiretroviral therapy may be covered, others highlight the need for private health insurance for Non lucrative visa Spain approval.

Anecdotal information mentions NGOs in various regions providing assurances, but there is a call for clearer understanding of legal and organizational mechanisms. Expats are advised to seek specific guidance based on their circumstances as the situation may vary.