Can I keep my UK Benefits under a Spanish non lucrative visa?


Is anyone here that has successfully moved to Spain under a Spanish Non lucrative visa whilst keeping their UK benefits?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Depends. Some benefits from the U.K. are exportable, but a lot less than there used to be. Check out Claiming benefits if you live, move or travel abroad

“Surely UK benefits are paid for by UK taxpayers for UK residents, on a means-tested basis. If one can move to Spain, then surely one has funds and therefore wouldn’t qualify for benefits?”

“Not all benefits are means-tested. PIP isn’t for example. It’s there to help people pay for extra help/care they need as a result of having a disability. Don’t think it’s exportable though.”

“It still makes my blood boil when I see people claiming because they can, not because they need it… I do hope the author of this question finds themselves fortunate enough to fund their own move to Spain without having to depend on the limited public purse to do it.”

“So many people claiming benefits and milking the system… As for being able to export benefits, surely that has to be illegal.”

“I had a neighbour that would go out of the house with a walking stick, but would be on the trampoline in the garden with her kids, so I guess it can be done. Perhaps it’s worth Googling ‘benefits Britain in Spain’.”

“Yes, if you are talking about a pension, or if you are from the U.K. and have paid enough National Insurance. It depends on what benefits you refer to. There is no blanket decision. Please get expert advice about your particular case if the answer to your question impacts on your move.”


The conversation about retaining UK benefits while moving to Spain reveals a complex scenario. Some UK benefits, particularly those not means-tested, like certain disability payments, may be retained when moving abroad.

However, the situation varies based on individual circumstances, the type of benefits, and recent changes in legislation. Pensioners who have paid into the system can claim their pensions, but increases may not apply outside the UK.

It is evident that one must seek expert advice and consider the legal and moral implications of transferring benefits, especially in the context of personal contributions to the system and the intent to become a contributing member of the new community in Spain.