Non Lucrative Visa Spain at the San Francisco Consulate – February 2024


“Resolved” – Non Lucrative Visa Spain 10 day turnaround from San Francisco Consulate Consulate! And I did it myself. Notes for the NLV: Two Copies of California DL (not the original!) Apparently financial statements etc as downloaded were OK didn’t need any official stamps (I am retirement age – also as such didn’t send tax returns).

Using the medical form from the website my doctor’s signature and office stamp were enough, was not on letterhead etc from doctor’s office (they didn’t have that and insisted stamp was enough and apparently they were right!) I did add a letter of intent (or “love letter to Spain” as others call it) and listed how I fulfilled the requirements.

Sent it USPS Priority Express (overnight) and received confirmation email from Consulate the day after it was received. My application arrived at Consulate February 14 and notified (via instructions from their email) of “Resolved” today February 24!

My USPS return tracking for passport shows that I will also receive it back today! Cheers!


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

Q&A Section: Non Lucrative Visa Spain Application Process

Q: Is an in-person meeting required at the San Francisco Consulate for the Non Lucrative Visa application?
A: Not at the San Francisco Consulate. I know different consulates like LA may require that. The website instructions about emailing first for a mail-in date are ambiguous, with ‘may’ as a warning. Based on advice from a NLV attorney here in California, I just sent my application package in without emailing first.

Q: How long does the Non Lucrative Visa Spain process take at the LA consulate, timewise?
A: I’m not sure about the exact time for everyone, as it can vary. However, when we applied in LA last July, we were notified that our visas were approved 5 weeks from the day we had our appointment.

Q: Did you buy private health insurance?
A: Yes, if you have pre-existing conditions, don’t waste time with anyone but DKV and Cigna; both cover pre-existing conditions effectively.

Q: Did you have to pick up the visa in person, or did they mail it back to you with your passport? Also, did you have your apostilled documents translated before or after the apostille? Did you translate your bank statements?
A: They mailed the visa back with my passport. Regarding apostilled documents, there seems to be mixed messages about whether to translate them before or after the apostille. The consulate page doesn’t specify which matters. Yes, I translated my bank statements.

Q: Did you have to show a lease for a place to stay?
A: I didn’t have to show a lease.

Q: What should I do if the consulate claims there are missing documents shortly after submitting my application?
A: This happened to me; the San Francisco Consulate emailed me about missing documents two hours after they received my application, highlighting everything related to work and financial assets from the instructions.

It’s nearly impossible to get them on the phone, and they didn’t respond to my email. Just in case, I sent them IRS filings from 2023 in both languages, in addition to IRS 2020 through 2022, and translated three-month statements from my 401k and another bank—total statements from three financial institutions. They should receive the envelope on Monday, and I hope they will accept it now.


The Non Lucrative Visa application process at the San Francisco Consulate can be efficient, with some applicants reporting a rapid 10-day turnaround.

Key tips include ensuring that all documents, such as financial statements and medical forms, are in order, and understanding that no in-person meeting might be required at this consulate.

Applicants have shared various experiences, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation and understanding specific consulate requirements, such as document translation and health insurance coverage. As procedures can vary by consulate, it’s crucial for applicants to verify the specific requirements for their jurisdiction.