Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Do I Need to Have No Mortgage or Loan (Los Angeles Consulate?)


For those recently (2024) applying for a Spain Non Lucrative Visa through the Los Angeles Consulate of Spain – Do they still require that you have NO mortgage or loan? It does say that on the website but I’ve seen posts where some say yes and some say no.

On the IRS 1040 form, line 12 says Standard deduction or itemized deduction so there’s no way to tell which one it is unless you also provide the schedule of itemized deduction (which I believe you only have to supply the summary pages).

What are the current fees? I think there was an increase so I want to be accurate with the money order.

Does anyone use Wells Fargo Bank? They are SO unhelpful because the teller said they can’t provide any type of documents other than what’s available online from your accounts (PDF statements).


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I was at Los Angeles consulate last week (April 2024). They said they no longer care about mortgage as long as you have sufficient funds. We provided 1 year of tax (1040) in English, did not translate.

All our bank statements were printed off internet and were accepted (they said they understand that most people have paperless billing these days and a lot of people use banks that are not even brick and mortar eg Capital One).

So we did not get any bank statements stamped or translated and they were very happy with that. The money order is for $152 if you have USA passport.”

“You DO need 3 months worth of bank statements though.”

“I actually have a bank account in Spain already, and gave them 3 months of that and they gave them back to me because I had given too much financial proof. So they actually chose the English ones lol.

Literally none of my financial papers were original (ie mailed) or in Spanish. Even my husband’s social security statement was just printed off the internet. I did print them in color though.”

“That’s wild how much it’s changed in 2 years!! Wow. We sold our house during the process and had everything translated for the statements. This is so cool. I’m so happy for people going through this now. It’s so worth it! We’re in the middle of Las Fallas in Valencia right now. Nonstop parties and fireworks. Get here as soon as you can. You’re going to love it!”

“$152 per person, yes?”


“Regarding bank statements. I took my printed off statements (3 months) into my bank and had them put their business stamp on them. My bank is Chase. I asked the manager if they could notarize them, which they did, with the bank manager putting his signature under the address stamp.

I then was able to take these statements and I got them notarized with my signature and apostilled by the California State Department downtown. I go for my appointment March 18th. Well in advance I had my statements changed to Spanish so that is also helpful. Regarding cost, my understanding is $152. But I will bring extra cash just in case.”

“Good luck on your appointment! I’m trying to get April 11 as our appointment date but it has not opened up yet…almost!”

“Oh you only need the 1040 not all the other pages. BTW go on the IRS website and you can get the 1040 in Spanish. I just filled it in line for line.”

“No they don’t require no mortgage. That’s San Francisco.”


According to the experiences shared by members, the Los Angeles Consulate for Spain no longer requires applicants for the non lucrative visa to have no mortgage or loan, as long as they have sufficient funds.

Applicants have successfully used online bank statements without needing them stamped or translated, and only three months’ worth of statements are necessary. The fee is generally $152 per person. It’s recommended to have documents such as the 1040 tax form in English, but the option to fill it out in Spanish is available online