Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Do Applicants Need Third-Party Help or Can They DIY?


“Currently going through Spain non lucrative visa info to get an understanding of requirements, process etc. Just wondering if most people complete the application themselves or get support from a third party? As an ex project manager am I right thinking it’s something I could do myself ??”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“There are many people who do the procedure alone and save money. In case you decide to go solo, you can find all the needed resources on (including legal advice if you decide to change your mind).”

“We did it ourselves last year and had no problems, we spoke to people who used a third party and still had issues. Just follow the guide lines on the website.”

“I’m just starting to come to the conclusion I want to be moving to Spain now – I do already have property there but currently on the 90/180 treadmill. Thanks ????”

“Just go on the official Spain non lucrative visa website and it will give you all the information. Spainguru has created a page for every Consulate in the UK, US and Canada with all the official links

“I did everything myself at first I thought it looked complicated. I keep reading what I needed on the Spanish Consulate website. Did it all myself. Started collecting all documents middle of October 2023. Had appointment at London BLS on 15th December 2023. Then I received my visa on the 10th January 2024. Then moved to Lanzarote on the 12th January 2024. I just keep reading and checking what I needed and all went very well. Good luck ????”

“I did it myself, you just need to be organised, a spreadsheet is brilliant because you can put what needs translating/Apostling/timescales etc.”

“You can do it yourself, especially if you’re used to doing admin work, as there’s lots of paper to organise and steps to follow, so project management expertise will help you too. Good luck”

“We did it ourselves. Just be sure to follow timelines and you will be fine. We also spoke to third parties but to be honest felt that being in control would be less stressful.”

“I did mine myself.”

“Better to write a list of what you need first and will take the longest to get like for instance the ACRO (UK Police check) and anything that needs translation. I found I did mine that way easiest because something’s now need doing straight away and you have a 3 month window.”

“You can do it yourself but there is so much conflicting information out there and scammers it’s worthwhile paying the money to have it done for you. Having just been through it all we are so glad we did as we had hectic jobs and to be told what to do when is what you need. Even then, you still need to be on it to save time and money. Things like your ACRO’s and medical certificates only last for a certain period of time so timing is everything.”

“It’s definitely something you can do yourself if you have the time and patience. Read everything that is required on the consulate /BLS pages. Also do some research online for the experiences of others.”

“If you’re a project manager then you sound like the kind of person that can do it yourself. Look at the requirements for Spain non lucrative visa on the website for your consulate. I think you will see that you’re going to have to supply all of the same information to a lawyer or gestor so why not do it yourself. That was my conclusion anyway, and with the help of groups like this I was able to do it on my own. There’s also a lot of people’s blogs and YouTube videos out there that were helpful as well. Good luck with whatever you decide.”

“I did it myself, but had a helpful embassy to answer questions.”

“The Spanish government page has instructions. Probably just ask the group when something is not clear to you on the instructions.”

“I wonder if there are spreadsheet timelines available to help with creating ours coming from the U.S.”


Applying for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa can be successfully managed independently, especially for those who are organized and diligent about following official guidelines. Many applicants have completed the process on their own by utilizing official resources, keeping detailed records, and learning from community advice.

While some prefer the reassurance of immigration experts, particularly when dealing with complicated bureaucracies or if lacking time, the consensus is that with careful planning and research, managing the application yourself is entirely feasible.

Make sure to check Spainguru’s Spain Non Lucrative Visa guide here.