Navigating the 90-Day Rule for UK and Spain Residency Split


Anyone doing the 50:50 split UK and Spain (90-Day Rule)? How’s it working out?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“We have been doing this for the last two years and have now decided to apply for the Non-Lucrative Visa. Found by doing 3 months and 3 months quite difficult as we felt we were just getting established then leaving again. It might suit some people but we drive over as we have a dog. Might be easier flying over for a few weeks at a time. Hope this helps.”

“We try and do 6 weeks Spain 6 weeks UK; it works for us.”

“We have had our place 13 years! Got everything in place to be resident, health insurance etc., then… we are 72 family expanding, great granddaughter on the scene, great pull, and we also decided if either one was missing we would want to be in the UK!!! So at the moment September to December. Then we go back Feb 28 and will stay until May 12, a quick visit in July to tidy up! Do not want to be here in the height of summer so works for us. Not totally happy because your wings are clipped! My biggest bug bear is not being able to go to France, Italy, Amsterdam etc… because I’ve no days left.”

“Yes, bought in 2020 and been doing 3 and 3 since then. We’ve found that all we do whilst back in the UK is countdown for getting back to Spain so made the decision to go for Non-Lucrative Visa next year. Downsized in UK ready for the move next year.”

“We do 3 months on and 3 months back in UK every year… works great for us as I work when I get back… we do Mar, Apr and May return hopefully for the Summer and then back Sept, Oct, and November… happy Days.”


The 90-day rule poses significant challenges for those attempting a 50:50 residency split between the UK and Spain. Many find the constant travel and the short duration of stay disruptive, leading them to consider more permanent residency options like the NLV (Non-Lucrative Visa).

The sentiment is mixed; while some manage the split effectively, others feel constrained by the inability to travel freely to other Schengen countries or face difficulties with prolonged stays due to Brexit regulations. The decision to apply for Non-Lucrative Visa appears common among those seeking more stability and less frequent travel.